Ladies and gentlemen, Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile has been an enormous success. All players loved the tranquil, peaceful Japanese theme and Cherry Blossom’s background.
Players have not slowed down, in case you were curious. Players are hard at work to help their factions win the Season Exclusive UAC vs. Samurai event.

Today, however, we’ll discuss another update that brought new events and rewards to the players. Let’s get started.

How to get the Pacifist Medal in COD Mobile Battle Royale

You can also get unique features such as achievements, trophies, and medals. These are indicators of a player’s abilities and how far they have come in the game. The game has 86 medals. 43 awards can be obtained in Battle Royale mode.
The mini-update for Season 3 of COD Mobile has been completed. This patch adds new events to the Seasonal Events section. Royale Fanatic is one of these events.

To complete the Royale Fanatic section of Seasonal events, players must complete all missions in the correct order.

One of these missions is to earn the Pacifist Medal twice using Battle Royal mode in COD Mobile. Players must rank in the Top 10 with no kills to make the Pacifist Medal.

This medal is not possible to obtain in Warfare Mode. You can only use the classic mode.

Although there are no shortcuts to the Pacifist Medal, we can offer some tips and tricks to help you get it faster.

It would help if you started by landing far away from the Dropship. You will avoid any enemies by landing far from the Dropship. It would help if you also started collecting first-aid supplies, bandages, and adrenaline as soon as you landed. The more, the better.

If you encounter unarmed enemies or bots when landing, resist the temptation to kill them. You can Rank 10 but not have killed anyone.

A Helicopter is a great way to stay on the alert for enemy aircraft without actually engaging them. You should also be equipped with classes such as Airborne and Ninja to help you escape difficult situations without killing enemies.

Now that you have learned how to earn the Pacifist Medal go camping until only nine of you are left. Although it may seem tedious, this strategy will get the job done.