The Android and iOS versions of CoD: Mobile was released in October 2019. It has been an enormous success. While Call of Duty’s Warzone gameplay is the most prominent, CoD: Mobile continues to offer additional guns, skins, and gameplay (zombies or battle royale, etc.). For a better gaming experience. Let’s look at how to unlock and acquire Mythic weapons in CoD: Mobile.

What are Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile?

CoD Mobile has introduced a new weapon tier above Legendary as of November 2020: Mythic. Mythic weapons do not usually include the weapon but are rare skin that can be added to a gun and possibly animated when an enemy is killed. They are very sought-after, just like Diamond Skins.

Why do you need mythic weapons in CoD Mobile?

First, let me clarify that Mythic weapons are not an additional competitive advantage in CoD Mobile. Mythic skins do not affect design or cosmetics. However, they may offer a new attachment (red dots, holographic sights, etc.). ).

It’s a sad truth, even though it is painful to hear. Mythic skins, which have moving patterns and intrinsic detail, are among the most elite skins in the game. Any user does not require mythic weapon skins. They will make you stand out on the battlefield.

CoD Mobile Weapons Rarity Tiers

Call of Duty has generally categorized weapons and skins using classes and ranking. These are the Call Of Duty Mobile Rankings:


This puts the Mythic skin type at the top of the totem tree. Because they are similar to other basic model skins, Rare and Common weapons are not to be celebrated. Epic, Legendary and Mythic weapons have been completely redesigned and may include unique animations or features.

How to unlock Mythic Weapons in CoD Mobile

CoD: Mobile does not offer Mythic skins in all ways. You can acquire these Mythic skins by using the Mythic Lucky Draws feature. Players must have CoD points to use the Mythic Lucky Draw option. These CoD points can be purchased for real money at an online store.

Google Rewards is another option to unlock Mythic weapon skins. Google Rewards allows users to earn real cash by answering surveys and questionnaires. Players can earn CoD points by completing these tasks and entering into a Mythic Skin lucky draw.