Call of Duty: Warzone was Infinity Ward’s reimagined version of the battle royale genre. It was Blackout’s spiritual successor. Warzone, however, introduced in-game mechanics and featured never seen in any other game. The battle royale was a huge success worldwide.
Modern Warfare was the first game integrated into Warzone. With the release of Modern Warfare, BOCW (and Vanguard) were later incorporated into Warzone. The game has been through three cycles as of this writing. Warzone currently has 174 weapons and nearly 50 operators.

Warzone Player Count in August 2022

Activision released its annual report recently, which revealed that 125 million people have played Warzone since its launch in 2020. Warzone currently has 98 million active users. It is. However, the lowest active player count the game has ever seen. There were 127,000,000 active players in 2021. The decline in COVID cases that have been released from lockdowns around the world is responsible for the decrease in player counts.

Warzone Player Count in August 2022

Live Players304,613 players
Active Players (30D)53,314,049 players

The release of BOCW saw Warzone’s player counts drop as many players became unhappy with Verdansk84′ and Rebirth Island. Below is a chart that shows the player count throughout the game’s entire lifecycle.

After Vanguard failed to live up to expectations, Warzone’s player counts declined even more. Many players quit the game because cheaters were flooding it. Activision introduced the RICOCHET anti-cheating feature too late. NICKMERCS, a prominent content creator, switched to Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Other Battle Royales Player Count

Apex Legends is the most well-known battle royale game, alongside Warzone. These three games are the most popular among battle royale fans. Fortnite is the first BR game with a unique building feature. The best choice for fast-paced BR goodness is Apex Legends, set in Titanfall’s universe.

Apex Legends Player Counted in August 2022

Live Players964,016 players
Active Players (30D)113,501,446 players

Apex Legends has experienced a significant increase in player count over time. The game initially found it difficult to attract players after its launch. The game quickly became a favorite battle royale game worldwide thanks to regular updates and new content. In 2022, the game was also made mobile of its rising popularity. Below is a chart that shows the player count throughout the game’s lifetime.

Fortnite Player Counted in August 2022

Live Players955,581 players
Active Players (30D)257,404,123 players

Fortnite is the most popular game of batter royale. This game is loved by everyone, from children to adults. It has over 250m players at the end of each month. It has a varied player base, unique events in-game, and new collaborations every year; the game may continue to thrive in the future.